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In every country there are turning points in their History.
For the USA contrary to general belief it is not the tragedy of 9/11 that was a turning point or a defining moment in its history, it was the second war
against Iraq led by President Bush Junior and his team of advisers.
This unnecessary war has turned the world against the USA.
Before this war the vast majority of people admired or liked the USA.
After this war the vast majority of people disliked or hated the USA.

How did we get there?
The analysis and explanation are described in the following articles:


From the desk of Eric Lafayette
Los Angeles, January-February 2004

World War I is well known and lasted 4 years form 1914 to 1918 and can be summarized as a war between so called civilized nations with the main aggressor been what we know now as Germany and the main defenders been the Allies: France and England with the help of the USA who came late in the war but tipped the balance of military manpower and decisively gave the Victory to the Allies.

World War I will be remembered by its continuous slaughter on both sides of men charging machine guns positions and been decimated for the gain of a few hundred yards. It will be remembered by a stagnant front of men digging and living constantly in muddy and filthy trenches and for the first time poison gas were used in a large scale in warfare.

World war II still fresh in the memory of many older people lasted 6 years from 1939 to 1945 and can be summarized as a war of conquest by a country; Germany led by a fanatical Nazi dictator: Adolph Hitler. Germany main allies were: Italy, Turkey and Japan.
The Defenders were the Allies: mainly France, England and later in the war the USA.

World War II will be remembered by the Genocide committed against the Jews by Hitler as part a Racist doctrine of Hitler Nazi doctrine.
The first Heavy use of aerial bombardment generating millions of civilian casualties. The dawn of a strong communist Russia who joined the allied quite late.
The attack by Japan on the USA at Pearl harbor and the enormous amount of human lives losses - 55 millions - even without counting the Atomic bombs used for the first time and witch ended World War II . The Allied fought together a difficult war but won the war in a very decisive manner having almost destroyed their opponents.

Although the cold war was not labeled by the public World war III it was a world war defined by the fight between two doctrines: Communism against Capitalism.
This translated by a series non stop conflicts for roughly 50 years and the most well known are the Korean war, the Vietnam war and the Afghanistan fighting against the soviet empire and countless African wars. Very often the big power will use other nations or factions to fight the war as proxies. The US used the Taliban to fight against soviet troupes in Afghanistan. The Soviet empire and China used North Korea to fight against the American and their allies.
The Soviet union also intervened in Europe to repress with tanks peaceful demonstrations in Eastern Europe. Stalin is accused of killing more that 17 millions of his own subjects
Although it is not well known either. the war between Communism and Democracy values generated tens and tens of millions of deaths in dozens of countries around the word and by this number unfortunately the Cold war deserves the name of World war III.
An important matter is that as well as World war II was driven by an Ideology, Fascism-Nazism. World war III was driven by The Ideology
of Communism- Socialism.

World war IV was started by President Georges Bush Junior.
People believe due to heavy brain washing by President Bush and his adviser that the 9/11 terrorist murderous attack in New York was in part initiated by Saddam Hussein. Even president Bush had reluctantly admitted that Saddam Hussein was not at all responsible of the 9/11 attack. However the lie supported by a heavy campaign of brain washing worked very well because two years after the attack 50% of the American People believed that Saddam Hussein was responsible too for the 9/11 attack, soon after the attack and just before the war against Saddam Hussein 70% of American.believed that Saddam Hussein was responsible too for the 9/11 attack
President Bush had successfully by blatant lies linked two completely different threat towards the USA.
One very real the Taliban in Afghanistan and Al queida terrorist in Afghanistan and around the world with a completely made up threat by President Bush; the so called threat by Saddam Hussein who according to President Bush and his adviser had weapons of mass destructions and was going to have in a matter of months nuclear weapons.
After the 9/11 attack the entire world was with and behind the USA. In going to war against Afghanistan's Taliban the entire world including all Muslim Nations was with the United Sates.
Almost never in his history had the USA had so much support around the world.
The USA was a martyr Nation that went to war to punish the criminal and won a very conclusive victory.
What was not to love about America, the brave martyr nation that rose and defeated criminals.
The 9/1 terrorist attack never started world war IV.
On the contrary it gave the USA the admiration and support of the entire world for going after the Terrorist.
You cannot when you have enemy ask for a better situation that when you feel that all the government in the world are with you and more importantly 90% of the people around the world are with you too.

Today 80% of the Muslim population are either hating the USA or ready to help, harbor or support any terrorist willing to kill Americans or People who help American or People who are allied with American.
These 80% of Muslim people are all over the world in dozen of countries and represent three times in number the population of the USA.
These is truly a world war. On one side the USA and their allies on the other side the Muslim world who was in its vast majority NOT against the USA.
but is now in with its Muslim extremists with their hundred of Millions of Muslims sympathizers.
We have now an Ideology - the Muslim religion represented by Muslim people - against another ideology - Judeo Christian capitalist Ideology - represented mainly by the USA.
We have violent deaths within these two groups all over the world.
This war will go on for decades
We have World War IV!

President Bush lead the USA into World War IV.

Instead of capitalizing on the good will and Sympathy generated by the 3000 deaths on September 11, Good will and sympathy that was all over the world including the Majority of the Muslim Government.
President Bush went into an unnecessary war totally disapproved by all Muslim Leaders all over the world.
From almost every friend that the USA had among people in the Muslim word, President Bush had made an Enemy.
In the Western world such as Europe from almost every sympathizer the US had among people in the Western world, President Bush has made an opponent

Is it a war that involve a lot of nations?

Yes more than 35 according to the White house reports. So it is a world war.
If you includes besides the Nation part of the US coalition Nations that have harbored terrorists and let them kill American soldiers and western civilians then it is much more that 35 nations.
The frightening part is that the American extraordinary military might is ill suited for a war against terrorism. Most of the Hardware the American army is using is totally inefficient. For example : armed Humvee blow up easily killing their soldier passengers. On the other hand the most powerful airplanes and rockets and large guns are of little use to capture or kill a couple of terrorist here and a couple of terrorist there.

The most striking feature of President Bush is that he is very goods at turning People and countries into enemies of the USA but incredibly incapable at making friends among other people around the Word.
There is no other President in the recent History in the USA that has made so many enemy of the People around the world and so few friends.
However the indisputable fact is that you do not win against terrorism with big hardware but with the intelligence given to you by your friends and by your friends arresting terrorist plotting against you in a part of the world you have very little influence upon.

The distressing part is that President Bush by not solving the Israeli- Palestinian conflict and attacking Iraq has created hatred among the Muslim word that will last generations. Young Americans that are barely born and even the one not born will suffer all their life from the horrible decision made by President Bush.

President Bush when the USA had barely a handful of enemy and billions of Friends has lead the USA into a world where the USA has only a handful of friends and billions fog enemies. This War situation will last for generations similar to the Cold war situation which lasted for generations.

This is President Bush legacy: World war IV

Eric Lafayette


Bush, Chirac, Schroeder and Putin

From the desk of Eric Lafayette
Los Angeles
December 2003/ February 2004

President Bush's government excluded France, Germany and Russia from bidding on contracts to rebuild Iraq. These reconstruction contracts were financed by American taxpayers.
President Bush said the contracts should go to the countries that went to war alongside the USA putting "their soldiers in harm's way alongside the American soldiers."
What is wrong with that? it makes perfect sense if you do not try to see the whole picture.
The wording of the exclusion begins to reveal how retaliatory and cheaply vindictive this move is because it characterizes the exclusion of France, Germany and Russia as being a security threat for the USA. It is gratuitous slander. It is also selective memory because from the beginning and as of today there are French and German and Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan who are in harm's way alongside the American soldiers.

What was the reaction of the two idiots: France and Germany? They stated that they will analyze international law. How stupid is that reaction when you are confronting the Big Bad Wolf? President Bush's answer was swift. He made fun of the two idiots saying that he may have "to call his lawyers" President Bush, as every genuine Bully does, has always made fun of international law and treaties and he treats the United Nations as a cumbersome, stupid body.

His response indicates his contemptuous attitude and perfectly defines his feelings toward the law which is: The only law I recognize is the Law of the strongest which means I have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that force and war are my first and favorite option around the world as well as inside the USA.

The International Law argument of France and Germany seems somewhat moronic in a discussion with President Bush, your basic bully who does not even want to recognize International Law or international treaties.

What did the Fox do? He did not scream, did not make noise, did not argue about being excluded from the list. He simply made a statement reaffirming that Iraq owed Russia eight billion dollars and that Russia had no intention of forgiving the debt. He did not yield one inch, giving himself ample room to maneuver in the future.

President Putin is from a country where the law was the law of the strongest. He has great experiences with bullies because all his predecessors took power after a bully struggle.
He did not argue on the reconstruction contracts of which the bulk was going to be awarded to American companies anyway. He is holding a major card: an indisputable debt of 8 billion dollars which may be hard to recover but which he will transform into a rescheduled sound debt of perhaps a fraction of the original amount.

He is right not to be upset because, by going to war against Iraq without the support of international bodies such as the UN, the USA has alienated all the Arab countries in the world and major contracts in almost any Arab country other than Iraq will go to non-American companies. Evidence of this is a huge contract for oil search signed between Putin's Russia and the Saudi government. It was an unthinkable thing before the last Iraq war. This contract with a very rich country was basically handed to Russia because of President Bush's policy.

In Afghanistan, the German, French and American flags fly side by side in many joint military buildings, operations or small posts. True to their words and friendship these European nations as well as Canada put their soldiers' lives in the line of fire in order to support their friend and ally the USA. This unequivocal commitment of support did not deter the Bush, Rumsfeld and company from debasing these same friends in calling them "old nations" and treating them as "a security threat for the USA."

The president's mockery of international law in the comment "I should call my lawyers" is an extremely important insight into Mr. Bush's vision of how to govern by being above the law and regarding Dictatorship above Democracy.

Eric Lafayette


L A 04/15/2003 - E L

Does war leads to war:

History tells us that there are three main scenarios about war when two nations or group of nations are involved.

Number one: the most recent in history; World war II and the war against native Indians in the united States.
They are very similar in their outcome for the losing nations:
Unconditional surrender was one perquisite, the other perquisites were total destruction of the Army, massive destruction of the Industry or the means of living, and massive casualties in the civilian population, occupation of the countries for a long time, seven years to infinity.
In the military campaign, no stone were left unturned which mean that each and every country or tribe no matter what part of the world or what part of their world they lived was thoroughly defeated to the point of having no more means to survive without help from the victors.
By destroying all their industry and means of living, the victors: the US and their allied had brought these Nations to a state of complete dependency upon them.
Then they showed the Carrot; which was money through the Marshall plan for the Nazis and Fascists and although very slow in coming food and funds for the Indian Nations.
The most important effect this money had was to keep the vanquished people busy in reconstructing their country instead of being starving and idle having all the time in their hand to muster resentment and hatred for the victors.
The Indians Nations were not graced buy a Marshall plan but were way too weak to pose a challenge and a Marshall plan would have been a much better solution for them.

However the bottom line is that the victors had thoroughly annihilated the Army and vitals elements of these Nations, it was total war with absolute victory.
These examples are successful example from the point of view of the victors such as the USA because there is no more hint of war with these Nations even far away on the horizon.
To replicate these successes with the Iraq middle East situation, the USA should go to war with Syria and Iran in order to leave no stone unturned and no hostile nations left with any army or vital signs

Number two: the Great Empires based on conquests by military might: Alexander the Great empire, Rome empire, Napoleon Empire, Hitler empire, Great Britain Empire, The Soviet Empire.

This one is easy to characterize, one war was leading to another war which was leading to another war and so on.
There was always one war or multiple wars in one part of these Empires even when fought through proxy Nations with Soviet military advisers as it was the case with the Soviet Union.
From the point of view of land conquest and temporay durability, some were successful; Rome and Great Britain some were not; Napoleon and Hitler.
In the absolute however none of these Empires are here today and more importantly each and every of the mother Nation of these Empires is a weak or average Nation.
But from the modern point of view which is the point of view of an absolute majority of the American people who want to leave in a state of peace and not perpetual war; No Empire was successful.

To avoid these problem of being an imperialistic country with one war leading to another, the USA should not have gone to war in Iraq without the approval of the UNITED NATIONS or should not have gone to war at all.

Number three: The recent and modern way to create peaceful environment and a peaceful coalition of Nations is to avoid war when not attacked and solve problems through the United Nations.
The USA was unjustly attacked on September 11 2000 , the USA went to war against the attacker Taliban- Afghanistan, thoroughly defeated them with the very strong support of the entire world including most Muslim Nations.The USA came out of this war with the admiration and respect of the rest of the word.
On the other hand when not attacked modern countries have shown that peace could be established among many countries and that was very evident in the last decades.

The European community is an Example, the coming union between the USA, Canada and Mexico another one. The Union between South and central American countries another one. It has worked and it is working. From Nations constantly at war in previous centuries a peaceful union has been achieved.

The world was in an unique state before the war in Iraq, the world was very close to achieve peace on almost all the planet now that the Soviet Empire had fallen.
Before the fall the Berlin wall the whole planet was divided by the cold war and by the Israeli- Arab war.
After the fall of the Berlin wall and the Camp David accords and the Oslo Accords between Israel and Arab Palestinians Nations, the foundations to build a lasting peace among almost all the Nations in the world were at hands.

There was a crucial choice facing the Bush administration:
Use the conservative approach which is in American understatement for old fashion politic and go the ancient ways and wage war against the Muslim word or
Go the modern ways or recent ways and go through the United Nations and weapons inspectors system, nurture the support of the Arab Muslim Nations and establish a long lasting peace in the world with only very small localized conflict.

The Bush administration chose to wage war against the Muslim Arab world.


The drastic choice by the Bush administration to wage war against the Arab-Muslim word and that is the Perception that the Arab Muslim word has, had obliterated a long period of peace that could have lasted for decades. Instead we have now a super power that is probably willing to wage war on Syria and Iran but will probably not wage war on these two countries and thus left unfinished business to be cleaned up by the next Presidents and the generations to come.
If war has not been waged, Democracy trough peaceful action through the UNITED Nations would have been given a chance to expand its appeal.
Therefore the Bush Administration has fueled by attacking a nation which was not a threat to the USA a new Era of unrelenting although small terrorism against the American People and that for generation to come.
President Bush has replaced the Era of the cold war with the Era of constant terrorism against the American People.

Foot note

The following are hypothesis that history did not teach us, they have to be tested:
We can lay out some elements and watch which one are going to be implemented in the following decades:

First and above all we can with quite a bit of certainty assume that People if not under heavy propaganda do not want war because today barring war in the distant future with China or India who need space to sustain their gigantic population and the African tribal wars similar to the ones in the pre middle age, People do not want war.
There are very busy trying to struggle making a living or trying to buy their third video stereo.
On one hand the model of American materialistic society spreading across the world has an advantage it focus energy on acquiring goods and more goods thus keeping people away from Ideologies. On the other hand when not successful as it is in third world poor countries it open the door to all sort of replacement ideologies such as extreme fundamental religion.
If the people do not want war then it is quite clear that it is the leaders and their propaganda who want war: North Korea, ex Saddam Iraq, Syria- terrorist war, Yugoslavia, ex Taliban- Afghanistan
In that case their is always a dictator who bases his power on a fascist Ideology, call it ethnic cleansing, communist or fundamental Islam. In most significant countries in the post cold war with the exception of China their is no fascist ideology. The problem occurs with smaller nations.
So get a condemnation at the war crime tribunal of the dictator, get a mandate from the UN to outlaw him, and bomb his palaces and bunker selectively until you kill him and modern technology combined with good intelligence from our allies allow that. Then turn over nation rebuilding to the United Nations.This process avoid a full scale war in most cases and could have been a choice for Iraq.
The other old way was to impose economic sanctions on the rogue Nation and that should be abandoned because it harms first and foremost the People who are innocent in their vast majority.
It seems the appropriate action to go if you are a believer in democracy is: Kill the tyrant in order to free the people and end their suffering.The life of one scoundrel versus the life of thousand of innocent People. the Choice should have been an easy choice a long time ago.
In addition to the fact that you eliminate a criminal and that his regime will collapse with him because these regimes are always based on one man, you reinforce the CONCEPT of Democracy which is the government of the People by the People.
In case of elimination of the leader of a Democracy, the vice president takes over or the senate majority leader takes over. Our regime which is a Democracy does not collapse and does not even change a bit because it is the representation of the People in the Nation.

In the case of small very underdeveloped Nations of Africa the Problem is different because fundamentally none of these Nations are Nations. They are tribes reunited under an artificial name and they wage war between tribes and religion.
Most dictators in these Nations are corrupt and always replaced by another corrupt dictator.
On the plus side for the rest of the world, they do not harbor terrorists with the exception of Sudan and do not present a threat for the rest of the world. They should be helped to achieve Democracy without corruption, this is going to take a long time. However they should be held accountable by the war crime tribunal for their countless massacres .



We will address these issues in four different sections:War against Iraq, Nuclear crisis with North Korea, Israel and the Palestinians,The Economic plan, Racism and the White House.

WAR AGAINST IRAQ: using the patriotic fiber in each American President Bush is trying to drag the American people in a war that he painted falsely as Righteous and Necessary. The President literally pulled a war out of his hat and made it its top priority.
Even with a good dose of bad faith the government was unable to link Iraq to any Muslim Al Quaida terrorist group. Iraq until recently was an anti Muslim faith based State.
All evidences show that this war is Wrong and Not Necessary.( For more details on the righteousness of this war see article: WAR AGAINST IRAQ )

Who was the first cleaning team in place:
Secretary of State Colin Powell was the only one in the Government to convince President Bush to go through the process of going through a resolution of the United Nation to Disarm Iraq using the peaceful process of United Nations weapon Inspectors and if that failed War could be an option Not a certainty as President Bush wished.( In addition I believe that President Bush Senior his father probably expressed his inclination to go through the United Nations. I could be wrong but I have such a high opinion of President Bush senior that I believe he can be credited him that)
The results were encouraging, the United states were not seen through out the world as treating with contempt absolutely every Nation in the world that did not agree with them and the war was postponed. It was a Major step but not sufficient by itself in avoiding the War.

The second cleaning team:
The ECC which regroup most European Nations spoke, with the exception of the English government, for a peaceful disarmament of Iraq going through the United Nations and are inclining further and further towards rejecting war as a mean to disarm Iraq.
Among the Western European Nations, France has the only Veto power save Britain and was threatening to use its Veto power to stop an Automatic decision to go to war against Iraq
The results were that the USA were strongly informed that the largest Europeans Nations save Britain will not follow the USA against Iraq without the case being made that Iraq is a clear and present danger and in strong violation of the last United Nation resolution on disarmament

The third cleaning team
Russia and China. China was waiting for the western powers to sort out their differences but was not inclined on a war against Iraq. China let hang in the air that they did not completely discounted using their Veto power. Very recently (January 23th) they confirmed that they were inclined to use their Veto Power.
Russia was adamant and forceful in threatening to use its Veto power if a war was declared automatically on Iraq . The Russian position was a key element because of their Veto right. They continue to hold a coherent politic which is opposing war against Iraq.
It is partly a self serving politic because Russia has economic interests in Iraq.
The result: Two large and still powerful nation Russia and China who opposed the US government policy and threatened to Veto any war against Iraq thus making war against Iraq more difficult.

The fourth cleaning team
The Arab Nations specifically the one close to Iraq are voicing more and more their opposition to this war. They are organizing summits between leaders of the region to seek alternative to this war.
The result: Because the American army needs military authorizations and bases in this country to launch an attack against Iraq it reduces the capability of the American military forces to operate against Saddam thus making a war more difficult to launch.

The Fifth cleaning team
The People in almost all the Nations in the world, I am talking about the Citizens and not the Governments:
Almost all the people in the world including in Great Britain are opposed to the war against Iraq. Polls after Polls about the war show with a large Majority the People opposed to a war against Iraq. The People telling their government loud and clear, we do not want to go to war against Iraq.
Successful demonstrations against the war were too held in many cities around the world including in the USA.
The result: the beginning of an awareness in the USA that if absolutely all the people around the world oppose a war against Iraq may be there is something to think about it.

The sixth cleaning team
Where is it? You would believe that after the entire world has voiced a strong desire not to go to war against Iraq the representatives of the American People in Congress will have spoken at least some of them against a war against Iraq, you would be wrong.
Only one senator Paul Wellstone and he is dead now spoke against this war six months ago and only yesterday(January 22nd 2003) Senator Ted Kennedy plainly said that the war against Iraq was the wrong war and he has to be commanded for his position.
The rest of the leaders of the country went along with the war against Iraq. It is a dismal picture of the leaders of the Congress. They did not realize that President Bush was deceiving their constituents by using the Automatic triggered response that is Patriotism with such a Patriotic People. They totally failed to be leaders and to point out that it was a war motivated not in the interest of the people of the United States.
Further more they failed to point out that an appeal to their Patriotism was being used to deceived them on approving a war against Iraq.
The result:
An incredible lack of information from different angles and the absence of red flag to warn the American People on how much their sacred Patriotism have been used to deceive them.

The seventh cleaning team
The ten next Presidents of the United States and the next three generation of American citizens who will have to repair the damages created by the war against Iraq in the fabric of our ex good relations with our allies and other Nations around the world.
Remember after September 11 we were the victims and almost every Nation in the world had sympathy for us and liked us. The USA went from a Win Win situation to a Lose Lose situation
The result: A long and difficult process where disappointments will be many and reward few .

The eighth cleaning team
The media: Regarding fairness and equity of time they have utterly failed. Not in not voicing the argument of opponents to war. They failed because they were greedy. For them the Images of US military might and the build up of armed forces with these full action full color of Tanks rushing through the desert and Aircraft carriers launching sophisticated airplanes were too good to attract audiences to pass.
Through the Images of war machines and troops they imbedded in the patriotic American mind that war was a given. So much coverage has a strong effect if only by constant repetition of the images thus making part of a normal life what should be an exception. Everybody knows in marketing that to sell a product you need to show a good advertisement more than seven times and then some.The Media showed again and again the war preparation to the US citizen with its mighty images.
Through the repetition of such images they marketed and sold the war to the American people
The result: They presold the war to the American people by an overwhelming showing of images and lessen the ability to judge of the American People

The ninth cleaning team
It is the one that need to be invented and built
It is a team that has to find a way to help President Bush to save Face so he does not have to go to war in order to rescue his ego and his Presidency. Remember now that more and more troops are landing near Iraq. It will be easier for the President to wage a war than to back down.
A solution to help him save face is vital.
The result:
If such a mediation team with the saving face concept is put together, then the war against Iraq is averted.
The rest of the world has done his share, it is now time for their American representatives in Congress to do the job they were elected for.

LA January 22, 2003


In a famous speech after September 11 President George Bush included North Korea in the nations being part of the Axis of Evil. In June 2002 the CIA and the government knew that North Korea was rebuilding its Nuclear program with military potential but they did not revealed it to the American People. In December North Korea broadcast that they had Nuclear capability. The US government added that the North Koreans had probably two atomic bombs. Within a few weeks US allies stopped a cargo ship carrying 12 scuds missiles going to the future battle zone area with Iraq - Yemen- and the US President gave the green light to release these - not defensive weapons - to Yemen, the Birth nation of Osama Bin Laden and a harbor for terrorists who killed American and their allied less than 2 years ago.
The USA strongly pursued an aggressive rhetoric, escalated the tensions, threatened the North Korea and decided an embargo on oil and no discussions until the North Korean started to dismantle their Nuclear Program. All these actions were done by the US president without even a phone call to South Korea the first to suffer from a potential Nuclear war and our long time ally.
The North Korean retaliated by expelling the United Nations weapon inspectors and reactivating a Nuclear reactor with military potential.
The US then affirmed that they will not talk with North Korea before North Korea disarmed.
The US government had backed itself in a perfect dead end street.

Then in a complete reversing of tone the US government said there was no crisis with North Korea and crawling on its belly eliminated any option on war against North Korea who is a Nuclear threat including Missile capability. At the same time President Bush continued a violent verbal attack on Iraq and showing his determination to go to war against Iraq.
It is of course a lot easier to get reelected by beating down a weak crippled Nation that to oppose a strong Nuclear Nation.
The American People are beginning to question the soundness of the Foreign Policy of
President Bush.

The first cleaning team
It came from a quite unusual side. It was the Democrat Governor of New Mexico the former government official in the Clinton administration Mr Bill Richardson.
Governor Richardson was asked by the North Koreans to hold a series of meeting with him.
How bad is your foreign Policy when a nation that is trying to solve a grave crisis with you turns to the opposition not even to a neutral mediator to overcome such a blind policy.
The result: The American government opened the door for talks with North Korea and the American Public are beginning to see how incompetent President Bush is.

The second cleaning team
Korea and Japan: They are both within range of North Korean missiles loaded with Nuclear warheads. They began to voice their policy after witnessing the abject failure of President Bush policy and his lack of communication even with them..
Basically their policy is the opposite of President Bush policy. They advocate talks and the ease of tensions through negotiations. They are using regularly scheduled Negotiations that were initiated to bring closer South and North Korea now for trying to compel the North to abandon its aggressive Nuclear build up.
The result: The parties most liable to suffer from a war in the region will talk and diffuse but not solve the crisis

The third cleaning team
Russia and China: They basically have taken the matter in their hand after witnessing the poor American policy. They will exert alternatively pressure and offers until the situation become less dangerous.The only obstacle being the American policy makers.
The result: The intelligence and experience of these two leaders could help solve the crisis but the American government will lose a lot of credibility around the world.

The fourth cleaning team
The United nations: It is another puzzling initiative from the US government who is demanding that this crisis should be handled now by the United Nations. It is worth remembering that President Bush refused to work with the United Nations on the crisis with Iraq and then was brought Kicking and Screaming to the concept of going through the United Nation to solve the crisis with Iraq.
The result: Nobody understand what President Bush policy is and that is a major burden on the other cleaning teams that are trying to solve the crisis and of course again a loss of credibility abroad for the American Government.

The fifth cleaning team
Anybody but President Bush and his team.


President Bush policy is very simple: Do Nothing: President Bush having created its own crisis in Iraq and North Korea has totally abandoned the Middle east peace process.
However peace in the Middle east is the key to improve our relationship with dozen of Arab states and a Billion of Muslims around the world.
It was also the key to have support in a war against Iraq

Cleaning teams:
Having been abandoned by the USA each and every country in the region is struggling in one way or another to try to bring peace in the Middle east.
The list is long:
1) President Moubarak of Egypt, King Hussein of Jordan once the best allied of the USA are disgusted by President Bush Policy and are left to fend their opponents alone.
2) The Saudi government, United Emirates trying to keep the crisis not escalating.
3) Lebanon, Syria playing a balancing act between helping terrorists and wanting to enter the modern world symbolized by the USA.
4)The Labour party in Israel (Not in favor with the US Government) is trying to show that cooperation with the Palestinian can work.
The result: Nothing much. As long as the US government do not take the benevolent role of peace maker, instead of the bully role it is so found off nowadays nothing will happen.
It is by far the most difficult crisis to solve and it will take extremely talented craftsmen in policy to solve it.

Amazingly there is hope if only that the opposing parties are beginning to show small signs of weariness.
The actual Israeli Prime minister Mr Sharon has to go away and not be reelected. the future knesset will be a transitional Knesset.
The Knesset after this one:
Will have to grant a Palestinian state with precise borders
Will have to build a physical strong fence around the border
Will have to choose a Prime Minister similar to Mr Barak

These changes will allow changes to take places; I will explain:
Today we are in the century old crisis system; you push me, I push you back, you push me I push you and again and again, there is no room to maneuver in this system.

By building a strong border fence and granting a Palestinian State you break this stupid and deadly I push you, you push me back system.
The fenced border stops almost completely this old system and gives you room to develop something because your energy is not focused solely on pushing back. It does not mean that the Fenced border will stay forever but it gives you breathing room to shift your strategy away
from : I push you, you push me back.
Granting a Palestinian State eliminate the main revendication of the Palestinians.
In this new environment the USA can help formalize a peace.
But the USA instead is doing exactly the opposite by accepting the situation as it is instead of working to create such a Changed environment.


President Bush introduced a bold economic plan; the core being large tax cuts over ten years. The amount for the plan is 674 billions dollars. Half of this amount more than $300 billions will be dedicated to abolish tax paid by companies on stock dividends.
The rest will in almost its entirety be dedicated to tax cuts for married people, house holds with children, lower bracket for low income family, small businesses.

By passing such a huge tax cut WHEN the Nation is entering years of deficit you have to question the sanity of the designers of the tax cut.
The $300 billions dedicated to abolish taxes paid by companies on stock dividends have
two goals,
1)boost the Stock market to help President Bush reelection.
2)Cater to companies CEO, board members and large stock holders who are by a large majority from the same party of the President, the Republican party and will vote for him.
President Bush trademark policy is to tailor made any of his actions to help him stay in power and the good of the American People is almost never a priority.

Three major drawbacks in this plan
First: Their is no provision to clearly abandon War on Iraq. The uncertainty on Iraq is the key element in damaging the Economy.
Second: The plan gives more money to the riches than the poor and it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that a couple with children on a medium low income will immediately spend money for children clothes or to change the old car than a well off family with plenty of saving in stocks will.
Third: As years of recessions are forecasted ahead, this tax cut will increase the budget deficit, lead the USA away from sound economic practices advocated by Alan Greenspan.
The Budget deficit which is what each American citizen owes to lenders on top of their personal debts such as credit cards will increase very importantly.

The first Cleaning team
The American congress; they should divide the Amount of the Tax cut by two, getting rid altogether of the elimination of the tax on stock dividends
The Results: hard to forecast but the Democratic party is such a mediocre entity that expectations are not high.

The second cleaning team:
The American People; a team of 280 000 000 citizens who will be saddled with debts and inflation in the future.
The result: from such a gigantic team who in this case is directly concerned, nothing will happen and they will unfortunately trust their incompetent leaders.

The third cleaning team
Future generations will have to suffer from debts that they will have to reimburse one way or the other
The result: Economic uncertainty.

It seems that President Bush policies are not only detrimental but Dangerous for the country.

L A, January, 2002



    1) Right after the Tragedy of 9/11/2001 President George Bush Junior had one of the highest rating a President ever had.

2) At the end at the Clinton Presidency the relation between Israel and the Palestinians were not good but nothing to compare to what it is today. Two years ago you were able to count the number of terrorists killing and Israelian killings in a month with the fingers of your two hands today it is tens after tens of killings per month, sometime per week.

     3) Most importantly President Bush and the American People with him enjoyed from all other countries including most Arab countries a drive of sharing the grief,  a feeling of brotherhood, compassion, respect and a very strong desire to share the Burden of fighting terrorism alongside the American People and their President. That was a gigantic asset. We had the love and admiration of the rest of the world with us. The strong stand taken against the Talibans by President Bush generated admiration and support from all countries and their pledge to be our allies and partners in this war.

   4) The head of the State we had been at war with for half a Century even if it was a cold war was ready to become our best friend.
President Putin of Russia was swayed by the friendliness shown by President Bush . The advantages to both sides were important:
From the Russian side
     No more opposition from the USA in the war against Muslim Chechenes assimilated now as terrorists by the American Government who had the opposite stand two  years ago and that removes a stumbling block for good relations.
  A need for the USA to diversify its oil imports by favoring Russia’s oil thus helping a development of Russia's economy.
A need for capital and loans and investment in general.
From the American side
A huge Market for American Agricultural and High Tech Products
A new powerful ally to balance the Western traditional allies
A new supplier of oil to lessen USA dependance on Saudi oil and the producers in the region
It really looked like a marriage made in Heaven and President Bush had achieved the Best relation the USA ever has had with the Russian Governement .

5) We had an uneasy relationship with North Korea but we were talking to them, we had UN Nuclear weapons inspectors in North Korea, We had monitoring equipment in their Nuclear facility. We had stopped one of their nuclear reactor capable of making Plutonium the base element to manufacture an atomic bomb.

6) We were not on the path of war with Iraq which thank to the Gulf war ten years ago is not a clear and present danger anymore.
7) When President Bush took office the economy looked good but a fair assessment is that had being heading even before he took office towards a mild recession mostly due ( a very rare fact) to a mediocre assessment by the central bank and a slow and poor answer from the central bank which acted to burst the dot com bubble and got more devastating effect that they expected.


1) President Bush rating are beginning to slip seriously

2) The amount of violence and killing Between Israel and the Palestinians is unprecedented and on a scale that will insure hatred from generation to come.
What did President Bush do: Nothing and the killing continue, and due to President Bush comments he succeeded while achieving nothing positive at all to raise in all arab countries hatred against the American people.
On one hand we are farther than two years ago to solve the problem but President Bush has succeeded in raising the level of hatred against the American People.

3) After President Bush decided to go to war unilaterally against Iraq  he was able to turn against the USA all the nations of the world but the UK and Quatar.
All western Allied , Russia, China, all the nations in the world and most importantly all the People in the world suddenly viewed the USA as a nation that wanted a war for the sake of his President desire to be reelected, to finish a job his father did not finish, to secure oil reserve.
    From a suffering People made sympathetic to the world through an act of terrorism the perception of the rest of the world of the American People has totally shifted thank to President Bush personal need to wage a personal war. The American People are now viewed by the rest of the non Muslim world as greedy idiots following blindly a profoundly unethical President going to war for personal revenge. The Muslim world is devised between those with profound disgust and those with profound hatred for the USA.

4) After made to believe that President Bush was his friend, President Putin was humiliated by being forced to swallow exactly what he did not want to do. And it was done in the President Bush way of doing business abroad and it is : It is our way or the Highway. President Putin did not like that and the government answer was: Tough!
It was about the anti balistic program known also as Star wars.
Putin answer was simple: Okay you show clearly that you do not treat me as an ally, let alone a friend so I will follow my interest as selfisly as you have shown me how to do it and I am signing lucrative contracts with Iraq and rebuiding a nuclear reactor in Iran.
      President Bush was able to turn against the USA a powerful country totally inclined to be our best ally in the world and which mutual interest were obvious.

5) Although militarily the government is showing that they cannot do anything because of North Korea having Nuclear weapons President Bush decided to put an embargo on oil shipping to North Korea. I believe the President does not understand the lesson of History, It is the embargo on oil to Japan on the eve of war with Japan that backed up Japan in a corner and triggered the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Naming North Korea part of an axis of evil and rejecting any negociations or talks with North Korea government did not help of course.
            It becomes plainly stupid when the cost of the war to American soldiers and to allied such as Japan and South Korea would be tremendous. It make the threat of a military option extremely not probable and most importantly not credible from the perception the North Korean government have of these action.
Bottom line we were going slowly and painfully to a more stable region in and around North Korea. Now we are in the brink of war with North Korea with thousands of American casualties now or later.

6) We are on the brink of war with Iraq and we would already be at war with Iraq if President Bush had had its ways. Fortunately Colin Powell stepped in and I suspect
President Bush senior the father of the actual president and twisted Bush Junior arm to go to the process of going through the UN instead of  the USA acting like a band of Thugs.

None the less the president has vowed over and over again to go to war against Iraq and is preparing the USA to go to war. Let’s hope that the American people and the rest of the world will prevent this absolutly, totally unecessary war.

The war against Irak is from the point of view of the American people totally unwarranted and unnecessary.
The consequences could be as bad as Vietnam and will cement all muslims in the world against the American People and making our allies see us as totally irresponsible.

7) Nobody in the government seems to understand that constantly threatening other nations of retaliation or war and keeping a constant discour saying: We are going to war soon; totally undermines American people confidence in the future in general and consequently a worried American is a worried consumer and do not buy.The huge corporations wich were huge donors to the Republican party are indicted of fraud or laying of people buy the thousands, talk about Compassionate Conservatives.

What did President Bush who after the tragedy of 9/11 seemed to have everythin right de to the American People today.
He brought to the Ameican People the Following achievements
A terrible handling of the Israelian Palestinian war. Mistrust and contempt from our long time allied. Hatred from the muslim world. Mistrust and contempt from a very powerful potential ally Russia. Raising the level of nuclear threat from North Korea. He put us on the brink of an unnecessary war with Iraq. Increased a recession that seems to deepens.

How worse can you do when you are dealt with a perfect winning hand and now end up with a loosing hand

President Bush has taken the American people from a Win Win situation to a Loose Loose situation in less than two years.

L A January 2003


                       The President of the USA in the summer of 2002 was all for having his war  almost alone against Saddam Hussein and Iraq. He did not want to include the United Nations.
He and most of his advisors wanted a mano a mano, to finish a personal feud with Saddam Hussein.

Incredibly the Democrats in the Senate approved  for President Bush to go to war against Iraq without  the approval of the United Nations.
On this occasion the elected Democrats showed how unfit their intelligence, leadership and sense of history was and amazingly as we will see later that was a blessing in disguise.
None of the European allies of the USA except for Britain, none of the Arab allies of the USA wanted a war without the seal of approbation of the United Nations.

Almost all the Republican old hands at foreign Politic such as Henry Kissinger strongly advocated not to go at war against Saddam Hussein without a large coalition and the blessing of the United Nations

President Bush and Vice President Cheney continued anyway to declare that the USA will go to war alone against Saddam and without the agreement of the United Nations. This constant desire to have a war with Saddam seems very irrational.

Then the President made a U turn,a 180 degree change of direction and decided to present the case of Iraq irregularities to the United Nations and ask for a new resolution for the disarmament of Iraq.


It was Colin Powel who was able to make President Bush Understand that the consequences for the USA to go to war without the blessing of the United Nations would be of dramatic consequences all around the world for decades and decades making the USA and its citizen no better in the mind of the Arabs than Attila the HUN and its Mongols.
My feeling but it is only a feeling is that President Bush the Elder helped convinced him to go through the United Nations hence building a large coalition.

In short the USA were going to loose the moral ground that is rightfully their after having won World War One,World War two and the cold War thus having repelled Sanguinary dictators and freed Millions of People.

Gaining the Moral ground is very difficult and takes a very long time, loosing it comes very easily and swiftly.

The Ironic twist is that the elected  Democrat having voted for unconditional war against Iraq without going through the United Nation  helped alleviate for President Bush a feeling that Colin Powell sided with them as would have been the case if the Democrats had voted going through the United Nations.

Colin Powell was thus not hindered in making the case to disarm Saddam through the United Nations.

President Bush still have an opportunity, as he continues to proclaim that if necessary he will go to war against Saddam Hussein by Himself, to blunder in a gigantic proportion.

The consequences however for Colin Powell of his courageous and rational stand against the rest of the extremely powerful member of the Bush Cabinet such as Vice President Dick Cheney and secretarial of Defense Ronald Rumsfeld will be to receive a knife in the back.

The trap that is going to demolish Colin Powell is probably already being thought out by his opponents inside the white House.

Nonetheless the American people should be forever grateful to Colin Powell for preventing the whole world perceiving  the USA and its Citizens as a country populated by barbarian people led by a tyrant.
Democracy values have won for the time being a victory.

Colin Powell literally saved George Bush Junior his political neck.

If The USA under his guidance had gone to war against Iraq Without the a UN resolution
George Bush Junior will have gone in History on a path of infamy.
He would have been the President who would have made every Arab Muslim in the world
the Enemy of each and Every American.

L A Nov 20  2002


What concept of military action should have been implemented against Iraq?

As Saddam Hussein is making many false excuses to delay and prevent the Inspectors to come back in Iraq to find the sites where these weapons are stored, the DESTRUCTION of ILLEGAL SITES OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION SHOULD RESUME and SHOULD HAVE RESUMED a LONG TIME AGO.
When Saddam did not want to let the UN inspectors find and destroy ILLEGAL WEAPONS then Saddam should have suffered the consequences which are bombing sites that US and allies intelligence believe are hiding weapons of mass destruction . We would have had to bomb many more sites that if the weapons inspectors would have found but it would have been Saddam fault not wanting to allow UN inspector to do their job

We the USA are a Nation of law who abides by the values of Democracy and the law of the United Nation and we are helping in destroying the weapons of mass destruction which is exactly the goal of the UN resolutions

If we go to WAR against Saddam it is not conceivable to risk many American and allied lives from ground forces to punish a thug and a bandit with limited military power.
Saddam will be only too happy to drag the USA in a street fight where American soldiers do not have technology superiority.
An absolute PRINCIPLE in beating an enemy is NOT to fight on his OWN TERMS.
INTENSE, CONTINUOUS, BOMBING CAMPAIGN with ground forces composed of indigenous soldiers from Saddam opposition, guided by a handful of American Special forces is the answer.


                 We will start from the beginning and assess what kind of war plan should be conducted against Iraq :
In the beginning although no link to terrorism has been proven or even mentioned, the President of the USA George Bush Junior decided it was time to go to war against Iraq. At this time it was a surprise.

However it is the role of the President if he sees any danger for the Nation to lead the Nation into an action that will eliminate this danger.
His first argument was Iraq is in possession of weapons of mass destruction and could use them against his neighbors . However at this time and now there was an absolute certainty that Iraq had no capacity to strike at the USA.

Only after his first argument was poorly received by the world community including Iraq neighbors did he strengthen his case by adding a second argument which is that Iraq having not complied with the program voted by the United Nations of weapons inspections, the USA should go to war.
His reluctance to includes the United Nations is very clear from the beginning.
The right course of  thoughts and action should have been the following.
I the President of the United States am reminding the world that Saddam Hussein the Iraq absolute and ruthless dictator, perpetrator of war crimes by massacring his own people with the use of weapon of mass destruction  has been   for the last ten years in complete violation of the United Nations resolutions regarding the disarmament of Iraq.

The very reason that the United Nations voted resolutions setting a program of weapon inspectors in charge of controlling and destroying Iraq's weapon of mass destruction is that Saddam Hussein showed no qualm about using building and using weapons of mass destruction.

However we can be assured that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and therefore is a threat to his neighbors.

What should have been done instead of Bragging to go unilaterally to a full scale war is the following:

Inform the Americans and the world that Iraq cannot be allowed not to comply with the United Nation resolutions which were adopted by a huge Majority 12 years ago and that these Weapons of mass destruction should be destroyed which was the will of the United Nations.
As Saddam Hussein is making many false excuses to delay and prevent the Inspectors to come back in Iraq to find the sites where these weapons are stored, the DESTRUCTION SHOULD GO ON
by bombing sites that US and allies intelligence believe are hiding weapons of mass destruction .

The answer to American or world opposition to this kind of Military action is  that:
We the USA are a Nation of law who abides by the values of Democracy and the law of the United Nation and we are helping in destroying the weapons of mass destruction which is exactly the goal of the UN resolutions

Using this strategy the USA should hold the moral ground by being simply the arm of the United Nation and enforcing resolutions that were Unanimous.
Using this strategy the USA could have totally shifted the blame on Saddam Hussein who would then be the renegade that do not abide by the law of the United Nations.
Using this strategy the USA should put the United nations in a spot where it is almost impossible for the United Nations to say
" No I do not want any nation to help us enforce our laws"

The USA should Bomb with a 15 minutes warning to civilians Iraq weapons sites very intensively starting by simultaneously bomb the eight Saddam Hussein Palaces - Compounds. and continue bombing until all suspected sites are destroyed .
We are talking of a massive sustained campaign that should not be stopped if Saddam after the first round of bombing declare that he will welcome back the UN inspectors, Saddam by his constant lies has forfeited his right to be trusted in any way shape or form.
IF the UN inspectors resume their inspection but Saddam stops them again then BOMBING OF SUSPECTED SITES should be implemented in a dense and continuous way

The US army can be assured that Saddam will retaliate by using some action, may be even using
weapons of mass destruction or opening his arms to Terrorists which will the allow the USA
to systematically by precision bombing destroy each and every tank, gun or missile launcher.
Regime change will come as a consequence, a Military dictator without even the trace of an Army is so weak that it becomes very easy to topple him.


Why when your are the most powerful Democracy in the world, the first Democracy created in the Modern world, a Democracy that worship the rule of law inside the country, would you  from the beginning reject every course of action that reflect the values of Democracy.

The problem is that the President and his adviser want to finished the UNFINISHED BUSINESS
that was President Bush Senior mediocre termination of the Gulf war.
They wanted so bad a full scale war USA versus Saddam that they do not even understand the Equation and How to solve it and the ramification around the world.
A full blown war with ground troops against Iraq will be worst for the USA than 10 Vietnam wars.
 LA Nov 11  02  02



After it was known that the war against Iraq was going to be a ground war with potentially an important number of American casualties, the majority of the American people was against a war against Iraq.
     *  The President and his cabinet were adamant at going to war against Iraq without the approuval of the United Nations.
     *  The American people in a 2 to 1 majority did not want to go to war without the approuval of the United Nations
    * The Congress which is the organ designed to represent the citizen voted in its immense majority for a war against Iraq without seeking the approuval of the United Nations
    * Why is there such a contradiction and why Democracy did not function?
    * The Constitution of the USA is one of the best in the world and provide a system of checks and balances that enable the voice of the American people not to be stifled.
    * The Congress of the USA which is composed of the Senate and the House of  Representatives is the voice of the American people.
    * The Congressmen and Congresswomen are the spokespersons for the American People.
    *They failed to represent the will of the American People.

                   The American People, the citizens of the USA began to be informed  officially about the way the war on Iraq will be conducted when the government described a plausible scenario for  the conduct of a war against Iraq . This scenario  included a large ground force and the conquest of Baghdad with street combats which experts translated into relatively large amount of American casualties.

More than 70% of the American people did not want to go to war against Iraq without the approuval of the Unoted Nations

The support in the polls from the American people for such a ground war was less than 50%

The message was simple and clear:
We the American people do not want a war with Iraq under these circumstances.

The President of the United States believed strongly that for the good of the American People
the USA should go into an all out war with Iraq.
His role is to lead the American People in the direction he feels most beneficiary for them and he was appropriately fulfilling his role.

Is there a way or a mechanism in a modern Democracy to follow the definition of Democracy which is " Democracy is the Government of the People by the People''?

YES it is called the system of Check and balance. It is the essence of the Constitution of the USA where any of the three powerful branches of the government; the executive being the President, the legislative being the Congress with the House of representative and the Senate and the Judiciary with the courts and above all the Supreme Courts  can and should moderate any  exaggeration of the power exercised by any of the three branches.

In our case the American People will was not to go to war with Iraq under the circumstances described by the Executive power that is their President.  It seemed to be a very easy case.  The Congressmen  and women elected by the American People which main task is to represent them and make laws or resolutions accordingly to the American People will was certainly going to vote a resolution that will NOT authorize war on Iraq under the actual circumstances.

WRONG, the Congress in an immense majority voted for a war with Iraq.

The Senate which is always considered the " Wise chamber" voted 89 to 90 to authorize the President to take the USA into a war with Iraq.

Why do we have :
On one hand the American People who do not want to go to war with Iraq under the circumstances offered by the President
On the other hand their very own representatives such as Senators whose mandate is to   faithfully represent them, their concerns, their desire who decided to vote to go to war with Iraq under the circumstances offered by the President.

The only explanation is that the representative of the American People in the Senate as well as those in the House of representatives thoroughly Betrayed their electors, the very people who voted for them so they could through them have a voice and a vote in the Congress which is the essence of Democracy.

These Congressmen and Congresswomen did not betrayed them half way.
In the Senate the vote for war 89 TO 90.and in the House an almost similar majority

It is a perfect example of Congressmen and Congresswomen seeking short term political gains  by voting against their constituents will.
They voted by following the political winds instead of following the principle of Democracy framed in the Constitution by the Founding fathers  .
It is then very easy to see why the American people have so little respect for their Congressmen and Congresswomen

L A Oct 23  02

                                          WAR AGAINST IRAQ


             *  The USA go to war and WIN the war
             *  Will our children and grand Children be better off after we make most of the Muslims in the world the enemy of the American people?
             *  Is it a coincidence that the very same leaders who won the previous war against Iraq and bungled the cease fire and the peace treaty want again to go to war and finished what is called UNFINISHED BUSINESS?
             * Why from the very beginning did the Government abandoned the moral ground by refusing to go through a UNITED NATIONS resolution and why only recently after pressure from the elder and wiser is the President coming around?
             * Winning the war against IRAQ is the first step towards a quagmire in the Middle East and all the Arab Muslim nations that Will make the Vietnam quagmire look small in comparison.
             * American lives by the hundreds are going to be lost because The President and his advisers wanted to play Rambo.
             * For the next 50 years the American people as civilians will be killed  again and again
             * The USA government is doing its best by sheer incompetence to recreate a block of enemy against the USA. The difference is that instead of being COMMUNISTS from the Soviet Union they are MUSLIMS FROM  THE ARAB WORD
             * The level of knowledge and competence of the Government and the President in the political science of World affairs, Geopolitical vision and even plain History is abysmally low.


In any Major Presidential decision or Congress decision there is only one criterion that should be
applied, only one thought process that should be followed, only one question that should be answered:
Will the American people, and more importantly their children and their grand children be much better of after the decision is taken and implemented?

       The very beginning

Do you remember how this new call to arms began, almost hard to remember.

In fact there was nothing new from Iraq and the American government began to rattle the Saber.

There is one hypothesis for how it began and it is the Unfinished Business hypothesis which is the following:

All the influential people today in President Bush Junior were the decision makers that conducted the war ten years ago and won it against Sadam Hussein.
But obviously they bungled the Cease fire and the Peace treaty.
It is eating them because Sadam is as menacing as before the  war and defying them.
Add to that the fact that the son is trying to do the business that President Bush the father did not finished and you have an epic tale where the son wants to avenge the father's honor.

So they have to go again  to finish the business and restore their Ego and reputation.

We will probably never know the truth because by now the main participants convinced themselves that they are trying to start this war for the good of the American people.

However there is a troubling fact.
What was surprising if this call to arm was not a vendetta,  why in the beginning the President repeatedly said that the USA will go to war alone if needed and did not even consider
extensive talks with the UNITED NATIONS . It really made it look like a vendetta.

         The development.

The fact that the American President said that the USA will go alone and continue to threaten to go alone is a Blunder of Gigantic proportion.
This blunder destroys the last 55 years of very hard work from the leading Western countries including the very USA  to make the planet safer by following international laws.

IF it is okay to go and bust a country when it is not a case of self defense orwithout consulting or  bringing your case in front of the UNITED NATIONS, why people in the USA do not try to bust their neighbor house because the neighbor has behaved badly.
The reason the American people are called civilized is because they call the police and then go in front a judge to settle a problem .

The legacy of contempt for the UNITED NATIONS and for the rule of international law is going to be a Pandora box with more American bloodshed ahead.
After working slowly, painfully towards a more civilized planet we are embarking in tribal warfare and showing the whole word that The USA does not care a dime about the UNITED NATION and the rule of law .

The legacy for our children is going to be horrendous.

Since President Bush junior first declaration, the only person in his government and his inner circle to advocate bringing the case to the United nations seems to be Colin Powell .
All the other who are supposed to be very experienced statesmen are for bypassing the UNITED NATIONS.

All the older, renown and wiser political figure in his own party such as Henry Kissinger are advocating going through the UNITED NATIONS.

Due to these pressures the President had come reluctantly to a discourse more oriented towards the UNITED NATIONS while continuing to repeat that the USA under his leadership will go alone.
However the record shows that the President could not care less about international rule of law, the UNITED NATION AND PRESERVING FOR THE FUTURE GENERATION THE HIGH MORAL GROUND that the USA have gained by saving the world in the two last World War and in the Cold war. Thousands of American soldiers gave their life to save the world and gain the moral ground.

By showing that He President Bush is willing to go IN THE FIRST PLACE  ALONE to destroy an ARAB Nation, He is eradicating the gains won by American soldiers at the cost of their lives in the two previous world war and living our Children in a world where it will be very easy for the Arab world and other to say:  "Well the role model said it is okay to destroy your neighbor  even when it is not self defense or even when there is no immediate and present danger so we can do it too". 

During these developments the Democratic party has been inconsistent, confused, inefficient and above all lead by self interest in the next election and not doing at all the business of the American people in such an important matter.
The Democratic party is showing what cowardice and self interest  combined can do to hide facts  to the American people

What will be your reputation and the opinion of your family and friends for the rest of your life if you a super athlete, 6.6 feet, 300 pounds of muscle and the training of Ninja engaged in beating to death a 3 feet, 60 pounds little person, Your reputation as a normal decent human being will be ruined for ever, even if you had very good reason to suspect  the little person of bad behavior.

That is exactly  what President Bush was trying to ram into the throat of the American people and the UNITED NATION and all our Allies.

One of the consequences for our children of abandoning the moral ground is that each and every Muslim in the world can justify hating the American and even worst Allied Arab governments will not have any ground left to defend any action of the American government who acted as a the warlord of a band of thugs. Because of Democracy the American people are collectively responsible of their government actions.

The Legacy for the American people their Children and Grand Children will be far worst that Vietnam.

Winning the next war against Iraq without the approval of the UNITED NATIONS is the worst set back for the USA that will happen since the Vietnam war .

The very very sad element is that the President and most of his advisors will accept going through the UNITED NATION  for the wrong reasons notably pressure from the elders in the party and not because they understand:
It is really appalling to witness their lack of long-term vision, Geopolitical education and History knowledge.

The lack of mid and long term vision is frightening in a government that is the government of the most powerful nation in the world.

WINNING the war against Iraq without a Mandate of the UNITED NATIONS is going to bring a lot more harm to the future generations of American than dealing with Iraq through the UNITED NATIONS.

Even if the USA wins the war the President of the USA puts the American people in a
LOOSE LOOSE situation

Eric Lafayette    Oct/28/2002

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                                     HATE AGAINST THE USA


          * The fact that a very important part of the  MUSLIM Arabs around the world Hates the American is undeniable.
          * Crushing one of the MUSLIM Arab nations is not going to turn the Muslims into Friends
          * Not only talking about it but implementing a MARSHAL plan is the solution.
          * Building Hospitals and Mosques in these countries with help from our allies in funding them is the Solution.
          * Starting a strong Education and Public relation campaign aimed at the residents from these countries is a big part of the Solution.
          * An example as a Showcase of American generosity and care fore the MUSLIM word implemented in Afghanistan will speak a thousand words


How an enlightened government should govern and solve the problems:

The Solution into the Hatred shown by the Muslim nations towards the USA should be solved in the following ways:

Furthermore the USA should sponsor the building of a huge mosques in each of the Muslim countries  in order for the USA  to attract them as friend. Most of the financing should be easily obtained by asking the oil rich countries such as Saudi Arabia to pay for these Mosques.

Helping with Schools and Education is of paramount importance

Among the many advantages obtained the USA will show a leadership where it really count in these country,
a leadership in values. The strongest value in these countries is the Muslim religion.

If well managed this policies could induce the Domino's theory in our favor.

Other Muslims nation could witness  and retain the following things.
   1) The USA is very supportive of Islam because they build Mosques
   2) They Care about People because they build Hospitals and schools.
   3) They brought Peace and prosperity .

It has to be done this way for the sake of our children and grand children,

Unfortunately the actual government is already showing signs that they have no Policy
to apply after the war. The proof being that the highly esteemed President of the new government of Afghanistan had to publicly beg for after war more substantial help.
He should never had to do that.

On two occasions the USA were very successful in going to war, winning the war and establishing a long lasting peace in the region where the conflicts had taken place and establishing cordial and fruitful relationship with the two vanquished nations
What were these occasions:
   1)The defeat of Hitler Nazi Germany.
   2)The defeat of Fascist  Japan 

This was implemented by men of large and Far Sighted Vision such as George Marshall. The actual government even with a nation to help much smaller that Germany or Japan is unable to even begin something tangible.

It makes a lot of sense to apply the same successful policy starting with Afghanistan.

L A  Oct 18  02
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